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Learn more about our PartnersUpdated 2 months ago

3% of every purchase supports organizations committed to bringing beauty from ashes and restoration from hurt so that everyone can live beautifully. We have four partners with Greenleaf Cares, Restavek Freedom, Switch, Venture, and Set Free. Learn more about each of them below. 


Our Partners

"Restavek", is a Haitian term used to describe a child used in forced labor, slavery. Restavek Freedom is striving to end child slavery directly in Haiti. 


Switch is a local organization making a difference in the fight against human sex trafficking and exploitation here in the Upstate of South Carolina. 



Venture specifically works to address the problem of human trafficking, refugee crisis, extreme poverty, and religious and gender-based persecution. Through a network of local leaders, Venture provides rescue and safety, health and hygiene, education, agribusiness, and food security

Set Free created a network of indigenous partners in multiple countries to give over 2 million people clean water, rescue over 25,000 children from child slavery, baptize millions, and plant thousands of churches. Learn more by clicking the image above. 

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